We value your efforts and goals.

You have worked hard to accumulate a certain amount of wealth. You also realize the importance of preserving those assets throughout your retirement and ultimately when money is passed to your heirs. Proper planning at this stage in your life is critical.

But you’re not just like any other client.

You have your own unique needs and considerations relating to your health, family, lifestyle and personal goals.

That’s where we come in.

The Dover Group offers highly specialized knowledge and experience that can help you turn your financial assets into future security for you and your family. We can help orchestrate a plan that takes into consideration your specific needs and interests, and that addresses both the technical and emotional aspects of your estate and retirement planning. In other words, we’re interested in both the decisions you make – and how you feel about them.

Quite simply, we are passionate about what we do.

Which is why our clients believe in us. And we’ve not only gained the trust of our clients – our comprehensive and detailed approach is recognized by some of the top law firms, accounting firms and trust departments who refer clients to us on a regular basis.

Since you’re here now, you’ve already taken that critical first step in planning your future. Let us help you the rest of the way.

We look forward to working together.


While our core offering is financial planning, we assist with building a financial roadmap tailored to each client’s specific needs.
Other services often addressed and integrated within a financial plan include: